A real Batman costume will give you a grand entrance into any Halloween Party!  This Batman costume is a copy of the suit worn by Christian Bale in the Batman films so swing into any party as the Dark Knight and shock the crowd!  You will have the only costume that people will be talking about until next Halloween…you will make a spectacular super-hero!

And what is nice about this particular Batman suit is that the chest of the suit  is a molded-muscle that gives you that ‘cut’ gym look that everyone admires…they really do look like real muscles!  The jumpsuit material is a polyester with convenient ties behind the suit to go around the neck.  It also includes boot tops that attach to the costume. The mask is made of light foam and where would you be without the cape!?!?  It also has convenient ties around the back of your neck.  And do not forget the gauntlets that cover your hands and lower arm…this will make a complete outfit that will not only look great but will also fit nicely.

Here are some of the costume items that I want to call your attention to:

-There is a long-sleeved dark undershirt that is included.

-There are black pants with chaps that tie in the back.

-It includes a fitted latex Batman masks that fits on your head and closes with Velcro around the back.  You can take it off throughout the party but the rest of the real Batman suit can still remain on.

-The cape has a satiny feel that includes rigid round wood at the end of the cape to give you the ability to flare your cape quickly like a bat ready to take flight! :)

-The utility belt with the iconic Batman emblem is prominent in the front and connects in the back of the costume.

-There are boot covers that fit right over your comfortable shoes (I suggest you where black shoes to fit the look of the Dark Knight!)

After seeing me in my suit from the year before, I had two of my friends buy one for themselves and now we show up at kids parties together…the kids freak out!  My wife decided to buy a Wonder Woman costume this year and we will show up as the love sick superhero duo!  And here is one better idea …have your friends buy Batman and Robin Costumes, Joker costume, Poison Ivy Batman costume, or an assortment of other heroes and villains and go as the Justice League of America!  If you don’t have someone to go with you, give me a call! :)   That would send any party over the edge if all those villains and heroes make an entrance!  This is the only time of year that you get to act like a kid and dress up as the superhero you imagined you were back when you were jumping off buildings or mounds of dirt pretending to swoop in and save the day!  Live like a kid again and go have some fun!